Passenger lift Cibes A5000 at the Concert Hall of Gävle

Gävle Concert Hall is beautifully situated right next to a river flowing through the city. The building houses conference facilities, a café, bars, a restaurant and, a major renovation was done in 2013-14.

A versatile accessibility solution

The Cibes A5000 platform lift serves all three floors of the building. This provides easy access to all floors for visitors and facilitates the transportation of instruments and music equipment between floors.

Helping staff with accessibility

Cibes A5000 platform lift was installed with three stops and a lifting height of 3.45m, easy for staff and musicians to transport instruments and equipment between floors. The building is much more accessible to visitors young and old.

Cibes A5000 is the perfect choice

In this bright and spacious building, this Cibes A5000 with glass shaft and panoramic doors fits in perfectly. Given the great level of architectural ambition and relatively humble budget, an attractive looking platform lift requiring only minimal construction work turned out the be the perfect solution.


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