Passenger lift Cibes A5000 in office showroom, the Netherlan

Baran Bouw has chosen a space saving and fully glazed platform lift, which enhances the elegance of the interior design.

Spectacular platform lift

Finished in a glossy charcoal shade with contrasting details in aluminium, the lift is the center of attention of this showroom.


The control panel is easy to understand and use, all buttons are ergonomic and beautifully designed. Great service ”One thing that I really like is that the phone of the lift is directly connected to the service center. In case of a problem, no need to look for the service number, get your cell phone out, dial the number, possibly several times because you are stressed… Everything is already prepared! ”

Free standing

A semicircular wall with round stairs? That is no problem for a free standing lift. The room keeps its open and spatial design without having to sacrifice your square footage.


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