Cibes A5000 with high back in Montessori school

This 4 stop lift is iustalled in a Montessori school in Bogotá, Colombia. The panoramic doors and the glass panels on the rear side of the lift shaft make the most of the natural light. The high back is equipped with mirrors and a canopy with energy saving LED spotlights.

Installed in the main staircase

The Montessori school participated in the planning and configuration of the project. The lift was placed in the center of the main staircase and despite the considerable height of the shaft, the lift could be installed during Easter break. The lift features an ON/OFF platform lock, enabling staff to control the use of the lift.

A lift can make a lot of difference

The lift installation is very much appreciated by students and staff. Thanks to the lift, the library and auditorium are now linked to the rest of the building and used much more frequently. The lift also makes this school stand out in the crowd. In fact, the Montessori school is one of the first schools of the region to offer their students the comfort of a lift..


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